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Welcome to your source of unique products, services, and educational tools.  See why Harrison Ford, Prince Charles, Heads of State, Government Institutions and others seek our services and products here at

Meet Bubinga Jim.

Bubinga Jim is Jims' nick name and it has stuck for years. Bubinga is a very hard and heavy African wood with strange grain characteristics and exotic qualities. You can follow along with Bubinga Jim as we pursue our education through our ongoing projects. Bubinga will be caving, climbing, trekking, going underwater and over water to reach our destinations, as well as using remote sensing satellites, and  microscopes in the labs to give greater clarity. We will be locating, cataloging, mapping, digging, lugging, and using various technologies to get information and materials. If you would like to take an active role in our projects you can join our research team. Please see how to become involved by clicking on BUBINGA JIM. You will see our current challenges as they are happening and you can join our projects.

Getting ready to go down into the earth, reveals a new world of wonders and challenges.

        Searching for minerals and fossils in caves requires care and sensitivity.

  Climbing to examine acid levels in plants and tree needles.



     Looking deep beneath the ocean with high tech gear. Bubinga Jim on the Atlantis 2 at Woods Hole.

Sunken artifacts of Teak wood  from ship wrecks, these have traces of pigments and metals. ???

Searching in shallow waters with relatively low tech gear.

Learning in Africa what may and may not hurt you. We need to study what can infect us and what can eat us, from large scale to microscopic and in between. We learn from others experience as much as we can.

Researching our samples under microscopes will reveal important information to us for many uses. Acquiring  and applying knowledge to get results is our secret weapon for success.

Symbols are the purest form of language. We study symbols and legends of native peoples to find information from ancient times.



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