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Welcome to your source of unique products, services, and educational tools.  See why Harrison Ford, Prince Charles, Heads of State, Government Institutions and others seek our services and products here at rarematerial.com

 Collection Projects for Clients



This is one of our display walls for wood collectables. The red colored planks against the wall are 10 feet high to give scale.


Bubinga Jim examining a bone recently brought back from Africa.


Jim Sitting at the end of some large Bubinga Planks. 67" wide x 14' long.



Archeology projects can be a challenge for clues. Old logs used in the construction of ruins or from fire pit remains can help date the site using ring dating techniques.


Jim standing with one of the largest Thuja burls known. This was one we brought back from the Atlas Mts.


A large Ammonite shell fossil we retrieved for a client.



This is a small grouping of Copper ores with Petrified Araucaria Cones. We actually cut some cones on the stone saw to see what was inside. If you look on the right you can see the inner workings of an ancient conifer seed pod, perfectly preserved.


View from the pilot seat of a kayak heading out to search for submerged materials for a client.


Watch here in the near future to see the Egyptian artifacts that go in this display case. The case is made from Mahogany for stability.



 We welcome the opportunity to be of service to your projects as a supplier to your craftsmen, or as an active participant in manufacture or as a consultant to help things move along well. We have experience in working thousands of different materials from all over the world and methods of use.


  A peak into the lab storage area that we use for glass ware and other instruments. We work with a variety of disciplines in our work.


Jim holding a 75 pound chunk of Mammoth tusk that is about 15000 years old.

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