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Welcome to your source of unique products, services, and educational tools designed to enhance your knowledge, skills, and creativity here at rarematerial.com

Wood Identification Kit $79.00


This is a great set up for anybody interested in identifying wood. Perfect for Educators and Researchers.

 The kit contains everything you need to get started.  This is a wonderful educational tool for the classroom, home, or shop.  This kit includes the following items:

1 Projection scope (8.25 inch screen for viewing 4 glass optics with magnifications of 20X, 40X, 60X and 80X) This is a totally portable unit that runs on three 1.5 volt batteries. This unit is light weight and great to take into the field and performs very well. This is the best we have seen for the dollar value.

1 Wood Collection volume 1 "Standard" book (see below)

1 sample selection of exotic and domestic wood samples for you to identify.

1 micro slicer for thin sectioning.      2 prepared slides - not wood

10 blank slides                          12 cover glass

12 statical slide covers               1 petri dish with magnifier

12 blank labels                          2 collection vials

1 tweezers                                  1 needle probe

1 spatula                                   1 stirring rod

1 spare bulb                              1 CD instruction manual




Wood Collection Volume 1 "Pro"  $197.00

 "The tool  Architects, and Designers need in front of them, and their clients to make decisions."...D. Vincent Scully, Architect

This is the ultimate wood book for educators to use in a classroom or for the researcher. This binder houses 72 real wood samples of the woods, you can weigh, smell, and analyze the actual samples, the samples are  covered in the Wood Collection Volume I text book and also contains the "Basic" text as described to the far right.   If there is one secret to being super successful in any career it is that you must know your medium. This tool allows you to have 72 samples in hand along with all the wood specs and info you need to make decisions.  The ability to have samples in hand with the needed information at the right time is invaluable.             More 


Wood Collection Volume 1 "Standard" $44.87

 "This is an invaluable reference...This is a wonderful teaching tool"... Dr. Barrett Rock, Ph.D. Director of NASA EOS facility.

 The next best thing to having the samples, is to have the most accurate photos available. This binder houses laminated color photographs of the 73 woods covered in the Wood Collection Volume I text and also gives wood identification tips along with figured wood information. The "Basic" book as described to the far right is also included as conveniently fitted components of the main binder.




Wood Collection Volume 1 "Basic" $24.87

This is the text only version of the Wood Collection Volume 1 This spiral text provides a ton of information to be able to make decisions. The text has maps of distribution, toxicity, native uses, line drawings of fruit and leaf, photomicrographs with indicators of what to look for with a hand lens, working properties and more. Each page contains a wealth of information in regards to 73 woods. This book is a must for the serious wood student, the woodshop, and anyone interested in woods. (see poster below)       More






Wood Poster $24.87

This is a great tool for the office or conference room to aid in creative design. The photos are incredibly accurate of each wood sample..

This is a full color poster that displays all the woods covered in the Wood Collection vol. I.  It is a wonderful addition to any shop, office, classroom, lab or science center. 24"x36" on heavy weight poster stock.



Wood Lecture  $49.87

This is a great tool for teachers, students, and individuals. Jim gives this presentation to High schools, Colleges and Businesses around the country. The number one question we are asked, other than "Can I work for you?", is "Do you have this presentation on video?"  Now we do! Approximately 45 minutes.

Jim covers much more than just wood facts. You will learn why you need to learn more every day, what does it really take to travel the world and do these projects. You will learn and discover more by examining the objects and samples and the stories of what happens on the expeditions. This will make you think a little more about what you do with a day.


Tour of Shop and Lab $49.87

This is an inside look into our private work space that shows projects in progress and how we are resolving our challenges with them. See what we use and how we use it to create the projects we do.

Many people have asked to see our work space.

This DVD is a tour of our private work shop, studios, and labs showing projects in progress, shop layout, tools, and how we resolve project challenges to create and provide unique high end products and service.







Research and Consulting Services

 We offer research and consulting services to Architects, Designers, Collectors, Builders, Institutions, Teachers  and Private individuals who seek help with materials and specialized methods of use.

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Display cases and specialty room interiors.

We work with Architects, Designers, Builders and individuals like yourself to help create custom display needs. These projects range from small scale desk top displays to larger scale interiors such as this room recently completed for a private residence.

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Materials and Objects

We supply rare and uncommon materials and objects for many projects. We welcome inquiries from Architects, Designers, Private Collectors and Institutions. Please be patient as we are always busy. We will reply as soon as time allows.

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Making Chairs for Harrison Ford $49.87

(available on DVD or VHS)

This DVD shows unique techniques of the Windsor chair making process by revealing shop secrets that create these valuable chairs.  Learn what gives these Windsor chairs the added value that attracts such clientele as Harrison Ford and other high profile clients.

  You will learn the process we go through to make these chairs for our clients. Learn just what we do to set our chairs apart from other chairs.


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