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Welcome to your source of unique products, services, and educational tools.  See why Harrison Ford, Prince Charles, Heads of State, Government Institutions and others seek our services and products here at rarematerial.com

Chair Making the Old Way



A good saw is a must when you are starting in the forest. The first steps of  our chair making.


An axe with two good edges can speed up the work for you.


Finding the right tree to start with for the legs and other components takes an experienced eye.




Using a froe to split the billets for the legs is a must to truly follow the grain.


After the billets are split we hand draw shave them before putting them on a lathe.


After the tree is felled we chop the tree into shorter lengths to handle it easier. The 16+" diameter green log sections are  still very heavy to move.




After the green wood pieces have been assembled we let them dry a bit before they receive coats of paint. We put them into a large  warm fireplace to dry.


The fireplace and the smoke room puts a coating of smoke smells directly into the wood so the raw wood smells correct under the paints.


Most people do not realize the amount of work that goes into getting the right materials for a museum grade chair. We are fortunate to own our own forests to obtain materials.




(A non-brace back side chair)    The chairs then receive many layers of milk paint to get us the right history


(Sackback w/ carved knuckles) These layers are often smoked, in the old smoke room above the fireplace, between paintings.


The work is very physical but we are usually in a setting that is inspiring. The sound of the axe the smell of forest in an early morning mist. Often with a few deer watching from the side and the birds singing all around. No power tools here.




(A non-brace back side chair)   As the paint layers build up the colors are starting to be effected by the lower layers.


(A non brace backside chair) After a while the upper layers start to flake off and reveal the earlier colors as in this photo. This is one of our goals.


Chairs painted and ready to ship to our clients. These chairs have single plank seats, hand-scorped to shape, with hand wedged joints to keep everything locked together. There are 32 wedges in this sack back chair alone.

About our Standard chairs: Our reproduction Standard chairs cost less money than the Ford or Museum grade chairs. These chairs have all the form and proportions as the Museum chairs and they have a 24 point check list of specialized characteristic details that make them unique. The Standard chairs are a wonderful fit into all but the highest collector settings. Please contact us to work out the details if you are interested in our chairs. Colors and detailing can vary to your needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

About our Museum chairs: Our Museum chairs are all hand worked from the very start. These chairs look,  feel, smell, and sound like the originals that cost $9000-$70,000.00. You might not feel comfortable using a $30,000.00 antique for quests coming for dinner to sit in but, our $1200.00 chair can sit right beside the antique and not be discernable from the original and, it is structurally sound. The Museum chairs incorporate a 92 point check list of detail characteristics that set them apart from other reproduction chairs. You could buy up to 24 of our Museum chairs for the price of one the original collector pieces.

A Comb back arm chair with carved knuckles and shield seat in an antique finish   ..... Standard... $1950.00                       Museum ...$3850.00
A Sack back arm chair with carved knuckles with shield seat in an antique finish  ....... Standard ...$1850.00                       Museum ...$3750.00
A Continuous arm chair with carved knuckles in an antique finish  .............................  Standard ...$1395.00                       Museum ...$2975.00
A Continuous arm chair with standard arms in an antique finish  ................................  Standard ...$ 1180.00                      Museum ...$2750.00
A Brace back side chair with an antique finish  ...........................................................Standard ...$   845.00                      Museum ...$1250.00
A Non Brace back side chair with an antique finish  ...................................................Standard ...$   800.00                      Museum ...$1250.00

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