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Welcome to your source of unique products, services, and educational tools.  See why Harrison Ford, Prince Charles, Heads of State, Government Institutions and others seek our services and products here at rarematerial.com


"He supplies us with tremendous material... He has some fine sources."

Melvin Wachowiak, Smithsonian Museum/analytical labs.

"These are the best damn Windsor chairs I have ever seen...remarkable."

Harrison Ford, Private client

"The Wood Collection Volume 1 book provides anyone serious about wood and its uses with an invaluable reference resource....This is a wonderful teaching tool"

Dr. Barrette N Rock Ph.D., NASA EOS/ Presidents advisory committee

 "This unique sample book enables a designer or client to visualize a tremendous array of woods with all their variety of color, figure, and design impact in one concise space. Invaluable!"

Louise V. Clayton, Interior designer

"Great  resource- the tool architects need in front of them, and their clients to make decisions"

Daniel Vincent Scully, Architect







This website is an attempt to share our passion about rare materials and instill in others a challenge to learn and explore.  Working with uncommon materials has provided an incredible journey for us.  We have studied the smallest details of these materials through microscopes in the laboratory and explored the vastness of the world with images from remote sensing satellites.  We have traveled to far regions of the earth to collect samples, dig up ancient roots, and studied archeological artifacts from ancient civilizations to gather more insight.  It is this mysterious  attraction to the uncommon that has lead us on this quest thus far.  As we research and explore deeper, we have come to realize a need to share what we have learned with others so we can learn more in return.  Our desire is that this site will expand the users vision and knowledge of  these materials and objects, and also inspire them to discover these strange and beautiful materials themselves.  Enjoy.       ........    Jim Lorette

Frequently Asked Questions

Harrison Ford at his home

1.) What do you do?  We are material specialists.

Procurement of unusual wood, stone and ancient commodities. We travel the world to find unusual materials and objects for clients.

We accept commissions to create unique objects and environments, composed of uncommon materials and craftsmanship. (See our project pages.)

We offer project support regarding unusual materials and methods of application for successful design integration. We have hands on experience working thousands of unique materials.

 In house laboratory services for advanced research on materials and objects.

We enjoy the challenge of designing and building displays for objects and collections, from desk top displays to entire rooms and galleries.

2.) For who? Our clients are from around the world. We have provided services and products to people like yourself as well as Harrison Ford, Madonna, Prince Charles, the Late Princess Diana, Jackie Onassis, other celebrities, Heads of state, and many unique individuals. We do work for designers, architects, insurance companies, museums, the forest service, lawyers and many more private individuals.

Jim holding a Wooly Mammoth tusk

This article tells the story of Jims' star studded business.

This article covers what goes into creating a unique business.

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